How Battery Storage Works

Systems with the ability to store their own electricity for solar have three vital components:

  • Solar panels that collect the energy from the sun and convert it to DC electricity.

  • A battery or series of batteries that store the electricity produced.

  • An inverter that converts DC current to AC so that it can be used around the home.

The main point about in-house batteries is that they need to store enough electricity to get a home or business through that period when the solar panels are practically dormant. The average home use in the region of 5,000 kW/h per year or 13 to 14 kW/h per day and much of this is either early in the morning or in the evening (assuming the house is empty during the day). How much you use will define the number of batteries you have installed and the overall cost if you want to make sure you are covered in times of greatest need.

Using only quality products Blue Sun Energy are able to fit a battery storage system either to your existing solar system or indeed fit solar and a battery together. Please contact us for further information or quote.