Infrared Heating

Infrared is radiated heat: the feeling of warmth from the sun on your face; the heat from a coal fire, or a toaster. It is even the same form of heat emitted by your own body. It is the most basic form of heating  known to  man. Infrared heats  objects,  which  then  radiate  back  and  keep  the environment warm around you. Radiant heat does not heat air – which holds little heat and rapidly disperses. Infrared  Heating Panels have  no moving parts,  no pipework,  and  no liquids or  gases flowing  through them.  The table  below demonstrates  the  comparison  running  costs  of  a  single 20m3 room  for  a six month heating season. The savings in energy and financial costs are substantially over 50% in heating, maintenance, repair and replacement compared to conventional heating and works fantastically with solar.

Infrared Mirrored Heating Panels: frame less, wall mounted and anti-misting. Our very stylish mirrors are perfect for bathrooms. Also ideal for bedrooms and lounges (particularly over fireplaces), and are extremely popular.We also have the Designer Glass Panel range which come in mirror, white, black or green coloured glass.